Outdoor Speaker Hire: Your Options

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Outdoor events which feature live music or DJs will require speakers to amplify and broadcast the sound over a large area. Because speakers can be very expensive, it is typically best to hire a set rather than buying them, especially if you only need them for a one-off event. However, there is a wide range of speakers available on the market so without any guidance, you may not understand which type of sound system is right for your event. Below is a guide to your options when it comes to speaker hire:

Standard Speakers

If you are planning to play music over an open area in which there are no or very few obstacles such as buildings and trees, then a set of standard speakers should be sufficient. Standard speakers are normally stacked on either side of a stage and are positioned to broadcast the sound in one direction towards the crowd. The size of speakers you will need will very much depend on the size of the crowd you are expecting at your event. A speaker hire company should be able to recommend the correct size of speakers to ensure that guests who are stood at the back of the crowd can clearly hear the music which is being played on stage. If you opt for larger speakers, you will not need as many in each stack to produce the required volume. However, using multiple speakers provides you with important backup capacity if a speaker fails during the performance. The sound levels of a bank of standard speakers will normally be controlled by a sound technician who is located in the centre of the crowd.

Line Array Speakers

Line array speakers are specialist speakers which can broadcast music over a very large area. The speakers are mounted on poles and can be positioned to point in a variety of directions. This means that you are not limited regarding where you crowd need to be positioned in order to hear high-quality music. The major benefit of using line array speakers is that there is no loss in sound quality as people move to the rear or the sides of the stage. If you are planning to have a live band which will perform 'in the round', then line array speakers are a must.

If you need further help and advice, you should contact an audio specialist today.