How to Ensure That You Get the Lighting Right for Your First Big Event

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If you are throwing a big party for the very first time, you may be excited but also nervous. You want to make sure that everybody has a great time, but realise that you've got a lot to learn rather quickly before the big event arrives. One of your biggest challenges is sure to be the event lighting. What do you need to consider if you are going to achieve that coveted 'wow' factor?

Match the Theme

Firstly, make sure that you match all your audiovisual effects carefully to the theme and style of the event. Perhaps your party theme has a specific colour, such as orange for Halloween, or blue for a summer beach party. You will need to consider a lighting system that helps you to match that overall palette and really complements what you're trying to achieve.

Avoid the Overwhelming

Don't overwhelm yourself as a planner or confuse your guests by trying to be too complicated. Certainly, there's a huge variety when it comes to lighting options, and if you're unsure, you should ask an event lighting expert to give you some initial guidance.

Plan for Your Guest List

You may decide to go high-tech and take advantage of the latest technology and this will be particularly beneficial if your attendee list is younger. You won't need to go overboard if you are putting on a grand retirement party for somebody, however, as they are likely to be quite happy with an old school lighting approach.

Get Ready for Dancing

However, if you're throwing a dance party, you can really let your imagination run wild and consider adding a variety of different special effect machines to augment the latest music. If you hire a smoke machine at the same time as you install the latest laser technology, then you will be able to create some amazing lighting effects, which will appear to hang in the air. Overall, make sure you have the appropriate sound equipment or else your lighting won't matter.

Look After the Brand

Finally, think about using a lighting technique that can project a logo or other important image onto a wall, floor or ceiling. If your event is linked to a business of some kind, then this could be a great brand exposure opportunity, or you could use a device to project the names of the newlyweds at a reception.

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